Bella Pita

I'd walked by Bella Pita on Westwood Blvd. hundreds of times before. I decided to give it a try this time. It's a tiny place with one man behind the counter, his girlfriend was sitting at a table on the other side talking to him in Spanish. Sometimes it's fun to eavesdrop and listen to what people are saying. In this case, they were talking about bus routes, nothing saucy.

I ordered the Falafel Pita for $4.50. He made it there while I waited then asked me what I wanted inside the sandwich. Crisp Romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, hold the red onions, stuffed with the 3 small falafels inside the home made pita, tahini on top.

It was a satisfying sandwich for a quick meal but lacked something... that I could not put my finger on until now. Falafel King in Westwood Village puts fried potatoes inside their pitas. That's it, that is what I missed. A few home made chips inside the pita would have made it delightful.

Bella Pita

1945 1/2 Westwood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
310. 475. 4070

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