Always an Event at Lawry's

We waited over 30 minutes for a table, even with a reso. Had I not been with a group, I would have left and gone to a number of other places. It was two days before Christmas, one of the busiest nights of the year. There were over 100 people waiting for their tables, really.

I made the best of it and took to the sport of people watching. Most people were coming and going in large groups. I observed a family with 3 small children have their photo taken in front of the Christmas tree. Nearly every person leaving the restaurant left with a doggie bag, for good reason: individual portions look like they are meant for cave men.

When we finally were seated, we were 6 around a large table, my least favorite type of seating arrangement because you can hardly hear what the people are saying on the other side. The noise level was so loud anyway. The huge dining room was packed to the brim and 2 groups of carolers moved from table to table singing songs of all denominations including Hanukkah carols.

For all of my dismay with the crowd and noise level, I still enjoyed the evening. This is such a ole' fashioned place; not much has changed since 1938 including the menu, decor and servers' funky costumes. Even the"Famous Original Spinning Salad" show is the same. The server brings the big salad bowl, takes a container of French dressing in her hand, then raises her arm as high as it will go and pours it into the bowl like a waterfall.

Everyone at the table had prime rib. Each Prime Rib Dinner comes with a salad, Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes and whipped creamy horseradish. A man with a mobile carving station served up the dinners, one by one. The salad, sides and hot bread were tastier than the meat. For dessert we had apple pie and pumpkin cheese cake, both a little too sweet for my taste.

Overall, dining at Lawry's was an event. The tradition is better than the food.

Lawry's The Prime Rib

100 N La Cienega Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 91101
(310) 652-2827

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Anonymous said...

Love good steak. Hate noisy, crowded, bright.
What are you favorite LA steakhouses?
Have you tried Maestro's in Beverly Hills? I'd like to get an opinion before I blow the dough.

Alli411 said...

Hi Monty:
I love Wolfgang's in Beverly Hills. Ruth's Chris is pretty reliable and BLT on Sunset is also good. Alli