Oh Please Forgive Me

My dear peeps:

Please forgive me for not posting for oh-so-long. Frankly I've been working really (really) hard on other stuff. I'm still here though and committed to eating and blogging and to you, my dear readers. I've discovered some great eats and will be posting again, many times a week. Thanks for understanding.

The photo is of Squeaky our cat. Isn't she cute? She likes to hide and sleep in between pillows. She's here now in my office as I write this and says meow (which sounds more like a squeak, hence her name).



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once bitten, twice crushed said...

Yay! You are back. Well sort of! But - YAY!

Alli411 said...

I am back with a food post today and other tasty bits this week :)

SinoSoul said...

Hi Alli! haha! backlogged!?