Breakfast At 35,000 Feet: Blogging in the Air on Virgin America

Free wifi on the plane means Alli411 is reviewing her first airplane meal live from the air. Add to that that I'm writing this from my iPhone with the Blogpress application. I feel so high tech.

Ooh la la first class breakfast on Virgin America is pretty impressive. The spinach omelet was perfectly balanced in flavor with Feta cheese and many slices of thin, green onions were a welcome surprise. Paired with what they called a Brioche, more like French Toast, quite tasty. A thin slice of pancetta, rounded the whole meal out. The fruit compote (berries, figs and watermelon) with cream fraiche on top was a great ending. They should have stopped there. The muffin that also came with it, looked more like a brick, and tasted like the food I normally associate with airplane grub.

Cutest detail: the salt and pepper shaker looks like a mini airplane with a propeller, a souvenir.

Just for fun I snapped a photo of one of the crew working hard. I wish she would help control the screaming baby.

We land in an hour, time for a fruit and cheese plate. Not bad at all. That weird looking cheese is Pesto cheese, a new one for me, fresh tasting. Now to finish the cheese plate. Bon Appetit.

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Location:Jeffries Point / Airport,United States


glutster said...

wow, quite snazzy for airplane food.

ha, ha...I blogged about airplane food on china airlines too.

had seafood chow mein and congee!

...way better than soggy chicken :)

SinoSoul said...

wow. that is KINDA cool! the last time I flew VA, I didn't have a code for free wifi and.. couldn't be a cool mile hile blogger like you.. :(

Alli411 said...

Tony: Felt kewl blogging while flying. Certainly kept me busy. Wifi was free thanks to some Google promo. Wifi should be free for all! Alli