Roots of Compromise for The Gardens of LACMA and Reflections on Gardening Edibles on Traffic Islands

Islands of LA is one of the reasons I'm grateful to live in Los Angeles.  "Islands of LA" are (as their website describes) "Fantastical pockets of intimate, highly visible public space, traffic islands are often thought of as lines separating the flow of traffic or, for the pedestrian, points along a transportation node for very brief stops."   

Islands of LA has a new event at LACMA:
"In 2008, as part of Islands of LA's ongoing exploration into the use and availability of traffic islands as public space, Islands of LA began collaborating with Fallen Fruit on Love Apples. As a test of the definition and use of public space, 72 tomato plants where installed on unoccupied but irrigated portions of twelve traffic islands. More recently, in a collaboration with Karen Atkinson, John Burtle and Owen Driggs beginning in January 2010 called Roots of Compromise, the exploration of cultivating edibles on traffic islands continued with the attempt to plant a radish garden on a traffic island on Wilshire Blvd and Curson Avenue for The Gardens of LACMA. Join us and other artist groups tomorrow, Sunday from 5-8pm for the opening of The Gardens of LACMA, part of Fallen Fruit presents EATLACMA, a year-long investigation into food, art, culture and politics. There will be several garden projects to check out and a guerrilla-style picnic near the amphitheater to celebrate, dance, and meet new friends. BYOP(icnic) or you can purchase food in the cafe."

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