Smile and Say Cheese: Wally's Wine Opens Fromagerie

The once small cheese section at Wally's Wine on Westwood Blvd. now has it's own store, just across the parking lot from Wally's Wine, called Cheese Box.  I was pleasantly surprised to find Jenny Knotts, Wally's Cheese Guru, running the shop (that's not her in the snap).  If my memory serves me right, the Cheese Box used to be Wally's cigar store.

There's no remnants of the smelly of cigars, just lovely, stinky cheese, hams, and other gourmet treats.  Above is a photo of the space in Wally's that used to be the cheese section.  Looks like they had no problem filling it with wine.

I'd just gone to Wally's Wine to get some wine, yet I couldn't resist purchasing a delicious Spanish cheese and Jamon Iberico selection, with a few of those Italian olives.  Baguettes are free, according to LA Eater through August 15th.  Jenny threw one in my order (and I thought it was because I made such a large purchase).

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jenny is unbelievably knowledgeable, extremely friendly and helpful. Thankfully the Cheese counter is no longer inside Wally's so I don't have to see/hear or deal with the awful owner, Steve Wallace. I make an extra trip to the Wine House for my wine purchases just so i don't have to see the owner. He treats his employees HORRIBLY.