Debbies Choice, The Anti-Yelp

Debbie's Choice is a fun, little website that helps you decide where to eat without user reviews.  It has tons of personality, including the slogan "The only worthwhile choice is random."  From Debbie's Choice:
"Debbie’s Choice is an idea borne of frustration. We got tired of agonizing over Yelp.com, sifting through countless results and refining searches and reading strangers’ reviews and generally becoming aggravated and annoyed. Choosing a restaurant sucked on these massive “review” sites. It was painful. It made the simple, stupid act of going to get some food at a restaurant more complicated than it needed to be. It was no fun. So we decided to randomize the  whole anxiety-inducing process. Seemed about as helpful as anything else online."

Also check out their website that links to Debbie's Choice, http://becauseyelpsucks.com.  Simply the following rant.  Kinda cute.  After all, looking through so many reviews on one restaurant can be overwhelming.

I don't want to refine my search by spice group. I don't want to hear about your unsettling experience with a Brazilian maitre'd. I don't want to check boxes. I don't want you to stall out my browser. I don't want to upload a user image. I don't want a weekly email. I don't care if the rice on the sushi was a little colder than you like. I don't even know you. I can read a menu on my own. I don't believe you are in fact a sommelier. I don't care about stickers on a window. I have no idea what a picture of your new kitten has to do with soup. I don't want to see the next 75 results. I don't know what Pan Asian even means in this context. I don't want to try to connect with my Gmail contacts. I don't want to read your blog. I don't organize my budget according to dollar symbols. I have no interest in rating the quality of your paragraph. I don't want to create a social network. I don't want to have a flamewar about garlic pesto. I don't want to learn from your experience, even if you have been "Eating My Whole Life!" I don't use my camera at the table. I will not be bringing a notepad with me. I don't want to geocache at dinner. I have no idea what your new tattoo has to do with a quality ham sandwich. I have no way of verifying you're a human. I do not like food-film similes. I'm not searching for the voice of my generation. And no, Debbie, I will not be logging on to rate the spicy pad thai on Yelp. BECAUSE YELP SUCKS.

My only question "Why the name Debbie's Choice?"

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1 comment:

Charles G Thompson said...

I like it! Nice idea. I hate the Yelp process too. Thanks.