Lunching at the Caviar Cafe

For ladies and gents who like taking leisurely lunches, Petrossian Paris on Robertson just North of Beverly is a great spot. The food is oh-so-french, with a focus on caviar and salmon; the ambiance is quiet and serene. Yet eating at the caviar cafe will not affect your pocket the same way an ounce of Royal Baerii will.

Chef Claudia recently created a new menu. Lunch on sandwiches, quiche or salads or have the champagne brunch on Sundays. The egg salad is my all time favorite. It is light and delicate, served with a little caviar on top. The staff is friendly yet service can be slow. If you plan on having the quiche, you can call ahead to have them start preparing it for you. They make this tasty delight from scratch and baking takes +20 minutes. Best of all, this cafe seems hidden and does not get too crowded. Shh...

Petrossian Paris
321 N. Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood 90048
www.petrossian.com/ (310) 271-6300

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Anonymous said...

I was avoiding this spot because I thought it would break the bank. Good to hear that's not the case. Renaud

Alli & Win said...

Renaud: I was surprised too. It's a great little secret.