Shh... Best Dogs Around

Pinks is great. Let's Be Frank, delicious . We have great hot dogs in LA. Yet nothing compares to the delicious dogs at Boston Speed in Roxbury, MA. Wall St. Journal wrote an article scoping out the best dogs in the country and Speed's was #1. Foodie scout Judy in MA, always a tremendous resource, took me there on my last visit to Boston.

Off the beaten track in a food truck, people line up for a lil' taste of hot dog heaven. After 30 years, the octogenarian Speed is no longer there daily, yet, Judy arranged for Speed himself to meet us there. What a treat!

What makes these dogs so tasty? Speed has many tricks up his sleeve that he's developed in over 30 years of making dogs. One of them: the dogs are so juicy because he soaks them overnight in cider. They are flavorful! The sauce is also a secret recipe. Writing about this I'm yearning for another dog.

Boston Speed
54 Newmarket Square
Roxbury, MA

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Lori Lynn said...

If I'm ever there I'd give them a try. Partial to Chicago dogs though...