Drink the Vote

Every time I've been to the Avalon hotel I've had good food and refreshing drinks. The pool makes for great ambiance.

Blue on Blue, the restaurant at the Avalon Hotel, has an election of their own going on. Weekdays Oct 1-Nov 4 from 3-6 pm drink your vote and choose Obamarita (Petron Silver, Blue Curacao, fresh lime and prosecco) or McCainaide (Jim Bean, Amaretto, lemonade, iced tea and grenadine). Winning drinks will be announced Nov 4th.

They also have a tasty selection of election appetizers: Filibuster Cheese Steak, Caucus Kabobs, Conservative Quesadilla, and the GOP (grilled onion, prosciutto and flat bread). Appetizers and drinks $8 each.

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