I caught the travel bug in my teens.  I remember my first trip to Europe with my Let's Go Europe Book in hand.  I wanted to visit all the major sites, places of interest and restaurants, really get to know the cities, especially the local places off the beaten trail. Since then I've travelled extensively; my curiosity keeps growing as the world becomes smaller.  

My traveling passion has developed into a traveling-state-of-mind, that is present no matter where I am, locally in Los Angeles or some other part of the world.   My traveling-state-of-mind is now a part of my daily life, who I am.  I love discovering good food, new restaurants, beautiful places, fun products, and most importantly meeting people, hearing their stories, opinions and recommendations.  

This is where Tourist Tuesday comes in.  Each Tuesday I'll shift the focus to being a tourist in the Los Angeles area.  It will give you a chance to discover something new about the city, be a tourist for the day.  And if you have any suggestions, don't be shy, write a note in the comments or send me a note at yum@alli411.com.

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