Holiday Shopping for Foodies

There is still time to shop and have the gifts in time for the holidays. Here's a list of gifts for food lovers ranging from $14-$112. You might want to confirm that your purchases will be delivered on time. A few years back I was severely disappointed when some of the gifts that I ordered (from a store that shall rename nameless) did not arrive on time for the holidays.

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Flame Body Spray- $14 (includes shipping) This is hysterical: Burger King created a body fragrance that smells like burgers, or as they put it "flame broiled meat". For the man or woman in your life who loves burgers and has a sense of humor. This is a fun gift.

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Bodum Pavina Tumblers-$19.90 for a set of 2
Love them! They are my favorite glasses. The tumblers are comfortable to hold in my hand and best of all, they are made of heat-resistant, scientific glass that can hold both hot and cold drinks. I hardly use my mugs anymore. They come in many shapes and sizes. The 12 oz. glass is under 5 inches tall. It looks like it holds a lot less liquid than it actually does. The glass is scratch resistant and can go in the microwave and dish washer. You can include some of your favorite tea or cocoa with the gift.

Fresh Oranges direct from Sequoia Orange Company-$30
Forget about expensive fruit baskets. These oranges are shipped straight from the grower, a much better deal. There are about approximately 35 oranges in 1/2 of a carton of fresh oranges. Most fruit companies charge the same for 9 pieces of fruit. You do the math. I love to arrange the fruit in a bowl and put it in my living room. It adds great color, smell and is a healthy snack.

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While in the Berkshires at Rubiners, one of my favorite cheese stores (that doesn't have a website), I discovered Culture, the new glossy cheese magazine that debuted this month. It is a fun gift for cheese lovers. It has a comprehensive list of cheese stores throughout the US.

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena aged over 30 years-$112
This vinegar is a real treat. It is so sweet and delicious. I know, $112 is a lot of money for a tiny bottle. If you look at it that way it is. On the other hand, you only need a small amount so it lasts about 6 months for me. Whenever I host parties, my guests ooh and aah over the salads partly because of this ingredient.

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