Bouzy Gastropub at the Beach, an amazing burger

The juicy Chez Burger with lettuce, tomato, cheddar and grilled onions on a soft, cushy bun is reason enough to return here. Win had the Mac & Cheese with three cheeses and bacon, a large order, enough for two. It was tasty, although my attention was on the delicious burger. Gone practically in seconds.

We had Shepard's Balls for the table, three generous orbs, considerably larger than meatballs in a bowl. Inside were mashed potato, short rib, mushroom, corn, bacon and gravy. My Allagash White ( a new beer discovery) was a great pairing with the comfort food. It's a Belgian type beer with a spicy aroma, made in Portland Maine.

The desserts, a warm Brown Sugar Cake and Cheesecake, were sublime. I don't have any photos of them; I was too busy enjoying them.

Now for a few words on the ambiance: It was packed on a Saturday night. We had a short wait for a table for 4, not bad at all considering they don't take resos. The noise level was extremely "energetic" (the Open Table code word for the highest noise level). At first we were seated at a round table for four. When a booth became available we moved there. With the booth as our sound shield, we could have a conversation. Good food and friends, twas a lovely evening.

Bouzy Gastropub at Chez Melange
1611 S Catalina Ave
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Bouzy Gastropub at Chez Mélange on Urbanspoon

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