The Scene at Toast

Toast seems to be packed every time I drive by. On weekends I marvel at the lines of people waiting in line for breakfast. On Tuesday at 2:15 pm I went there for a late lunch. I was surprised that even at that hour the tables on the sidewalk were full. I sat inside on one of their high cocktail tables observing the scene: people of all ages having lunch, socializing. Everyone looked pretty jovial.

I'd been there before for breakfast and remembered it was good. I liked sitting on the couch in back, having breakfast as if I were in a friend's living room. I hadn't paid much attention to the crowd though.

I chatted up the waiter, a friendly guy, and inquired why this place is so popular. "It's always been this way", he said. "The location is central to the studios and people come here to be seen." He told me that execs meet for power breakfasts; Jessica Alba had recently been there with her baby. And a year ago a photograph of Tony Parker and Eva Longoria at Toast had appeared on the front page of a Paris newspaper.

With this information I started wondering about the food and looked at the menu. It had a wide variety, breakfast stuff, dinner items, several pages of options. For lunch the appetizers looked good. Had I not been alone I would have ordered the falafel plate: several falafel balls, pita triangles and humus. I eyed a group of three girls sharing it at a table outside.

Instead I settled for a roast turkey, avocado, tomato and cucumber rolled into a lavosh. It was fine, not exceptional. The turkey was so/so and the lavosh a little dry. But the fruit salad, that was wonderful. Big chunks of juicy, fresh fruit were piled high in a small bowl. I wish I'd taken a picture of how much fruit was actually in the bowl, because from the photo above it doesn't look like much. I was surprised by the large amount of fruit I got once I turned the bowl over and dumped it on my plate. I ate half the sandwich, all the fruit, and dashed off to my 3:15.

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