Tony's Steakhouse on Sunset Blvd.

Tony's Steakhouse feels like a hip, suburban dinner club. It has a large, open dining room, comfortable seating, low lights. It's the type of place to linger with friends, a great weekend spot. There's a piano player that plays his version of classic jazz tunes. I'm not a huge fan of piano music at restaurants, but it fits in well with this place. The evening my husband and I were there, the piano player opened with the same song we had our first dance to at our wedding. What are the odds? Can you guess what song that was?

For cocktails, there's a list of specialty martinis, $5 each, a great deal. Not so fast... you can't just go there for the drinks, you have to eat there to get the deal.

I started with the Burrata. A big glob of luscious Burrata cheese was surrounded by tomato, basil, toast and olive oil. I gobbled up the soft, creamy cheese while chatting with Tony Riviera, the Executive Chef and CEO of Primo Hospitality Group (Caffe Primo, owned by the same group, is just a stone's throw away, also in the Sunset Millennium complex). I know, it's rude to eat and talk. I didn't actually talk with my mouth open. The cheese was really good.

Tony told me that with this restaurant (he has several) he wanted to create a place where people could have nice dinner and have a fun evening without spending ridiculous prices. He did just that. You can get a pasta for $14-19 or steak (Midwest, corn-fed USDA Prime) for $21-25. Steak comes with mashed potatoes and two vegetables so you won't go broke here. How do they get such reasonable prices of beef without sacrificing quality? It's in the portions. The beef is 6 ounces, lamb 8, perfect for one person, not for splitting.

I had the lamb chops. They were served with mashed potatoes, sauteed brocollini and candied carrots. The lamb was well seasoned and delish as were the veggies. The mashed potatoes were not soft and creamy. I'll leave it at that. This is a new restaurant so I'll cut them a little slack.
Outdoor dining is coming soon. A whole slew of tables are destined for the patio area.

Alli411 Tip:

1. Park in the parking garage below. Otherwise valet parking on Sunset can be complicated.

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Tony's Steakhouse
8570 W. Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 289-1145

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