ALLI411 Back in Los Angeles From Spain

Greetings! I'm back from Spain. Had the honeymoon of my dreams. Such fun, adventure and romance **heart**, and great food. In the future I'll write some posts about our honeymoon in Spain. There's so much to write about (and so little time). I had planned to write more on the trip, but after all, it was our honeymoon. For now I just want to say hola Alli411 peeps. I've already been hitting some new great restos. As early as manana you'll get a taste.

The above photo is my first attempt at making paella. After our friend, Mercedes, made us some great paella, I kept on imagining making it myself at home. The day after we returned home, I made it. It certainly wasn't as good as Mercedes', it was a decent first time attempt though. I had the wrong type of rice, too short. Next time. Ahh, Espana.

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Anonymous said...

Trip sounds amazing. Can you give us paella recipe? If I'm feeling courageous, I'll give it a try.

Charles G Thompson said...

I just returned from Spain as well. We were in Barcelona. A great city. Look forward to hearing your Spain stories. And congratulations!

April Boyer Modern Handmade said...

Welcome back! Glad you had such a wonderful time!

Alli & Win said...

Anon: I'll post a paella recipe once I get it right. I had a little glitch in the rice. I used the wrong kind.

Charles: Thanks Charles.