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Ken Oringer and his entourage stopped by Chili Addiction 3 times in one day when he was in town recently. Owner Johnny would not divulge the secret to his homemade mustard (which incidentally I'm addicted to). I won't be surprised if I start seeing their mustards and hot sauces in gourmet markets like Joan's on Third and Froma. I know what I'll be giving away for the holidays:

Mustards: Bavarian, Hot & Sweet, Dijon, Mellow Yellow

Hot Sauces: Death Wish, High Voltage, Krakatoa, Spontaneous Combustion, Grim Reaper

I feel a little bit guilty because I've been (practically) keeping my Chili Addiction to myself peeps. I mean, I wrote about it when I discovered it at the beginning of the year, but haven't given you many details, that is, up until now.

Ever since I discovered Chili Addictions Ive been addicted to it. Chili Addiction Chili is a staple in my fridge I get a bunch of it to go just about every week. My fave is the Prime Rib. I never tire of it. Love so many flavors though, Maui Wowi, Deep Rich Red. I even like the one for vegans, Raw Fusion, made of tomatoes, peppers and garlic, good as a spread.

Owners Johnny Kovin and Rick Foster take great care in creating everything on the menu, including their signature sausages (Ken Oringer's mom could not believe that someone made sausages as good as her son). Johnny is the Picasso of chili, and constantly comes up with mulit-layered flavors; nothing ordinary about the food that he creates.

Oh yeah, I can't forget the corn bread muffins. So here's what I do: I heat up a muffin and a bowl of chili separately then crumble the corn muffin over the chili. It is satisfying in taste, healthy, and pretty low in calories (a major bonus).

Chili Addiction has a booth at the Farmers Market every Sunday (look for the long line of people on Cosmo Street). Chili Addiction has developed such a following that they're opening up their first restauranton La Cienega where Boule used to be. I'll keep you posted. Until then, catch them on Sundays or have your order delivered by calling (310) 203-1793.

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(310) 203-1793

New Restaurant Opening Soon
408 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Chili Addiction at the Hollywood Farmers Market
1603 Cosmo Street
Hollywood, CA 90028

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