Fallen Fruit Jamming at LACMA

Fallen fruit, what commercial farmers can't legally sell, has been taking center stage all over the country in urban spaces and now at LACMA.  It's a whole movement and way to build bridges in communities.  Take a look at the video then check out the Fruit of LACMA:

The Fruit of LACMA, now through November 2010

"Drawing on the museum’s permanent collection, The Fruit of LACMA assembles work in several media (painting, photography, and decorative arts) to examine the haunting persistence of fruit in art. This exhibition examines the symbolic and sociological aspects of fruit in art, from religious symbolism to embedded social messages. It includes a LACMA-commissioned piece from Fallen Fruit, as well as custom-designed wall paper. Also included is Show Us How You Eat, a new participatory piece in which the public is invited to upload video of themselves eating, and Fruit Stories, an archive of personal stories gathered on the collaborative’s travels will be a sound installation inside the gallery. The website for EATLACMA will be participatory and integrated into the overall project, collecting videos, tweets, artist’s blogs and images." (Taken from Fallen Fruit's website.)

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Charles G Thompson said...

I love Fallen Fruit and what they are doing and look forward to participating in the events with LACMA - hope to see you at something!

Alli & Win said...

Charles: Maybe we can find one we can attend together. Alli