Fun at the Test Kitchen on Pico

The out-of-the-box Test Kitchen on Pico is one of the reasons the Los Angeles restaurant scene is so exciting. What started as a little fun with local chefs and a new resto breaking in their kitchen is now a temporary Los Angeles hot ticket in town with chefs, mixologists and their tasty creations as dinner theatre.

I had the pleasure of catching the Test Kitchen when Kris Morningstar was starring as chef for 3 days.

I was impressed with the enthusiastic servers, manager and staff, as excited to be there as I was, no doubt because of the delicious food and fab vibe.  Crispy Pork Bites over cabbage.  Truly decadent from the bar menu.

We were a little ambitious.  We wanted to taste as many things as possible so we had 2 bites from the Bar Menu and a 6 course meal. 

And of course, the wine pairing $30 extra.  This meal turned out to be pretty pricey after all and worth it.

Excuse the shot.  Sometimes information is more important than photo quality.  There was so much food that I took the Yellowtail home and had it the next morning.  (I love leftovers for breakfast.  The morning- after- leftover- test is a good indication of the quality of the food, which was excellent).  By the time dessert came, we were too stuffed to fully indulge in the ever-so-rich pudding that looks more like a cocktail here..

The temporary Test Kitchen will be around for another month and then *poof* it is gone.  Or maybe it will become a permanent fixture (cross my fingers).

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Test Kitchen
9575 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 277-0133

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