Host/Hostess Gifts

My fabulous friend Judy recently asked me what type of gift she could bring to her friends' house, instead of a bottle of wine. I suggested she bring a product(s) she adores. Friends often will appreciate your personal finds. Here are some of mine:

- Almond butter or Italian plum jam from loulousgarden.com
- Olive oils, such as Antoni Mateu's
- Branches Range Wildflower Honey from katzandco.com
- Tea from palaisdesthes.com - Melange du Cap, The du Hamman, The des Sables, among others.
- Gourmet salt, such as Flor de Sal d'es Trenc
-Stone Ground Mustard with Roasted Garlic & Cabernet from madeinnapavalley.com

I sometimes bring friends chocolate chip cookies, especially for my sister, dad or my friend Debbie. They love eating them. I suppose I get this tradition from my grandmother who still brings fudge or cookies wherever she goes. In this day and age, freshly baked treats go a long way. A handwritten thank you note or phone call the next day is also a nice touch.

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