Avoid Surfas Cafe and Head Straight to the Store

I LOVE the Surfas store yet I am constantly disappointed with the food I eat at their cafe. Perhaps it is because I have such high hopes, thinking that a wonderful store should make great, tasty food. Instead the food is below average.

Yesterday I had the macaroni and cheese. I got to choose from toppings of bacon, bread crumbs or leeks. I chose bread crumbs. They were finely ground and piled on the mac and cheese- DRY. Imagine taking a spoon filling it with dry, ground bread crumbs and putting it in your mouth. It was awful. Underneath the bread crumbs the macaroni and cheese was bland. With their great selection of cheese displayed at the counter, I was hoping for a delicious blend of them in the dish. Instead I got insipid mac and cheese.

On another day I ordered what they call the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich. Ultimate should be reserved for an amazing grilled cheese. This one missed the mark by a long shot. Sure they used good ingredients, the bread and cheese were tasty, but then they missed the mark on the preparation, completely. They grilled it on a panini machine without any oil or butter and the cheese was served to me cold and unmelted. Changing the name to cheese sandwich would be a good move, going around the corner to the new hot dog stand Lets Be Frank would be a better move.

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