Hot Diggity Dog and Father's Office

There's a hot dog cart on Helms Avenue, on the sidewalk next to the HD Buttercup discount store. It opened the Friday after Thanksgiving and people are lining up for $5 dogs- the Frank, Pup or Brat. These are healthy dogs, all beef, pork or a combo, made from 100% grass-fed beef, family farmed pork, no fillers, hormones, antibiotics, nitrites or nitrates. The woman serving the dogs is as sweet as can be.

Across the street, Father's Office is under construction. The banner on the building says Fall 07, probably indicating the date they anticipated opening for business. Since we are now almost into winter, I asked around, trying to find out some more info. Locals say it will open sometime in February 08.

Lets Be Frank
Helms Avenue, Between Washington & Venice, Culver City

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