Fogo de Chao, bring a big appetite

The Brazilian churrascaria is a big steakhouse, with large dining rooms, attentive staff and an endless amount of food. The chain began in Brazil in the 80s, and now has many restaurants in Brazil and throughout the US. Think a Brazilian Ruth Chris'.

Prepare for your visit by making sure you arrive hungry to this all-you-can-eat restaurant. Waiters come around to your table to serve you all types of meat, prepared Brazilian style, roasted the way the gauchos do in Brazil. It is a similar to the way you get different dishes when you go for dim sum, although here it is purely meat that is delivered to your table. They have their own system of delivery: small discs of paper the size of coasters are given to eat customer. When you turn it to the green side, that means you want some meat, red like the stop sign means no more meat for now.

I went here on my second date with my husband before we were married, sparks were flying, and I have good memories. He chose the place knowing I like good food and international cuisine. It turned out to be a good match both for dining and life partnership.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your review of Fogo de Chao! Did you know that another location opened up in Baltimore? Too Shy to Stop writer Natasha wrote a review, which you can read here.