Meet Me at LAX

My cousin Orly lives in Redondo Beach, I live in West Hollywood. We used take turns where we would meet. One day we would meet at a restaurant on the my side of town, the next time it was Redondo Beach. The problem was, every time we met, it was inconvenient for one of us.

Then my friend Kelly told me about www.meetways.com, a website where you can enter two separate addresses and it finds a meeting point halfway in between the two locations. It's great. Turns out that LAX is in between our houses.

We met many times at the International Terminal at LAX, upstairs at The Daily Grill for lunch. We ate decent food, great sour dough bread, and it was fun to be amongst the hustle and bustle of international travelers. Parking there was always available but could be a nightmare.

Trouble is, I haven't seen Orly that much recently; she just had her fourth baby last week. I will see her and her newborn son today. Guess where? Redondo Beach.

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Cynthia said...

:) that is so nice.