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3/19/09 Update: Cook's Library Closing

I went to purchase the gargantuan "A Day at elBulli"at Cook's Library, one of my favorite stores in Los Angeles. They are a great resource for everything food related. I can spend hours in there shopping for books and chatting with the friendly staff. They also have a bulletin board in the store with cards from freelance chefs, meal delivery, and other fun things.

Yesterday it was packed, for good reason. People were lining up out the door to get their autographed copy and a snapshot with the genius himself. With so much commotion there was no time to chat with him.

I so admire the work he has done and long to dine at elBulli. It is on the top my list of places to go. More so, it would be great to be a fly on the wall at his atelier where he invents new ways of cooking and eating. The closest thing I have come to dining there is watching "Decoding Ferran Adria" on DVD. In it Anthony Bourdain takes us inside the restaurant and what they call Adria's "secret research laboratory".

I picked up a couple of other books at Cook's Library: Marcella Hazan's new memoir "Amarcord" and "Eat Me, The Food Philosophy of Kenny Shopsin", the cook and owner of Shopsin's in Greenwich Village. Here's some info about the books from the Cook's Library website:

A Day at elBulli

By Ferran Adria, Julie Soler and Albert Adria (Phaidon Press, $49.95)

Situated on a remote beach on the northeast coast of Spain, elBulli is famous for being the ultimate pilgrimage site for foodies, and a reservation that is nearly impossible to obtain. Each year elBulli is open for just six months, and receives more than 2 million requests for only 8,000 seats. Renowned for his spectacular ever-changing 30-course tasting menu, Adria's pioneering culinary techniques have been applauded - and imitated - by top chefs around the globe for the past decade, and he was named one of Time magazine s 100 most influential people of our time.

If you weren't one of the lucky few to get a reservation this year, you can now experience the restaurant like never before with A Day at elBulli. This beautifully illustrated 600-page ''day in the life'' features over 1,000 photographs, menus, recipes and diagrams, presenting a guided tour through a full working day at elBulli - from a shopping trip at sunrise to the markets to the meticulous preparations of ingredients, from inside Adria's secret workshop to last-minute creative sessions, and from cocktails on the veranda at dusk until the last late-night guests leave.


By Marcella Hazan (Penguin, $27.50)

Amarcord means “I remember” in Marcella’s native Romagnolo dialect. In her new memoir, Marcella Hazan, now eighty-four, who is widely credited with introducing proper Italian food to the English-speaking world, looks back on the adventures of a life lived for pleasure and a love of teaching. Throughout, she entertains the reader with stories of the humorous, sometimes bizarre twists and turns that brought her love, fame, and a chance to change the way we eat forever.

Marcella is a true classic and a new book by her is always a special treat.

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