Cafe Montana

I've been to Cafe Montana a handful of times. It is usually good, not great. A couple years ago I remember seeing Maria Shiver having lunch there. It's an open airy cafe with pretty good service. It happens to be across the street from the new Williams-Sonoma, our destination that morning.

There are many restaurants I go to that are fine, OK, good not great, perfectly decent food, just not spectacular. Many times I don't even write about them because, well.. they are average. I like to write mostly about meals I enjoy immensely, at least some part of it.

Breakfast today was just one of those average meals that was OK, not great. I had an egg white scramble with spinach, feta, and tomatoes, passable. The sourdough bread on the side though was fantastic: thick slices from a fresh baguette were toasted. It was a pleasant surprise.

Win didn't like his oatmeal. He said it was a little overcooked or too soft, something like that. He couldn't really put his finger on why he didn't like it so he asked me to taste it. I said "no thanks". I find it funny when people ask me to taste something they don't like. I'm eager to try something that tastes delish, not bad tasting though. All this being said, from time to time I still catch myself saying "This doesn't taste good. Here try it".

As you can see from the photo, his English muffin looked sad compared to the fluffy baguette. I shared it and we left the restaurant somewhat unsatisfied.

Cafe Montana
1534 Montana Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90403
310. 829. 3990

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