Craigie on Main

My fave Boston friends took us to Craigie on Main, Tony Maws' place, the chef with loads of awards. The new location is double the size of the previous one, has a separate bar area and a wide-open kitchen. The counter looks like the prime spot to sit when eating alone; the best place to watch Tony and his crew carefully crafting tasty treats. We were a party of 6, great conversation being the main event of the evening.

Loved the Grilled Spanish Octopus, tender to perfection, served with cipollini onions, fresh hearts of palm and chorizo sauce. Whenever I eat octopus I long for standing at a tapas bar in Spain, the place I first ate octopus.

I was surprised to see bones piled on a plate. The marrow tasted delicious spread on toast. The Slow-Roasted Breast of Organic Chicken was full of flavor with bacon-braised kale, two bean ragout and Jerusalem artichoke puree. I like Tony's creativity, especially that he served White Corn Grits as a dessert.

One of the bathrooms had pages of an old book with illustrations of Toulouse-Lautrec covering half of a wall. Upon closer examination I found a recipe for Grasshoppers Grilled in the Fashion of Saint John the Baptist, a fun detail.

The place was full and hopping on a Tuesday night, a great sign in this economy.

Craigie on Main
853 Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
617. 497. 5511

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