Feeling Golden at The Golden State on Fairfax

Day one at The Golden State and I'm lovin' it. Finally there's a casual spot on Fairfax (my hood) where I can walk to get a Let's Be Frank dog, some killer Fried Sweet Potato Wedges and a beer (artisanal none the less).

The two owners are regular guys, nice ones, who wanted to open up a neighborhood spot focusing on great ingredients and reasonable prices. Samir Mohajer from The (tasty) Cabbage Patch (and previously Rustic Canyon) helped them out with the food. Thus those Fried Sweet Potato Wedges I loved at The Cabbage Patch, I can now get locally. And, I must admit, I liked the ones I ate at The Golden State a little more. They were crispier.

The prices are great without skimping on quality: sandwiches $9, burgers $10, sausages $6-7; each comes with a side. They use fresh, high-quality ingredients where it counts: Let's Be Frank Dogs, Harris Ranch beef for the hamburgers, Fra Mani Rosemary Ham, Fiscalini Farmhouse Cheddar, and make their own Muffaletta Spread.

They have wine and beer by the glass. I didn't even look at the wine (sorry). These guys love their brewskies, and so do I. I had the Craftsman Heavenly Heffeviesen, $5 for 16 oz., from Pasadena of all places. Like a light lemon soda, it went great with my dog. Next time I'll get the Craftsman 1903, the first one on their beer menu with "enough flavor here to meditate upon".

It was too chilly a night to have the exotic gelato. The Golden State is the only restaurant that carries the famed gelato from Scoops, the East Hollywood store in "Hel-Mel" (Heliotrope and Melrose). Instead we went across the street to Schwartz Bakery for some old fashioned cookies.

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Alli411 Tips

1. Ask for beer pairing suggestions; the owners love their beer.

2. The booths by the windows are the prime spots to sit. Put your stuff down to save a table before you order at the counter.

The Golden State
426 N. Fairfax
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 782-8331

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