Reservoir on Silver Lake Blvd.

Located in a cozy, craftsman house on Silver Lake Blvd, this new restaurant was already packed only two weeks after its opening. Inside, there's a dining room with 12 tables (mostly two tops) and a bar. The tables are so close together though, if you want privacy, you better sit outdoors like we did. Outside on the patio it felt romantic and urban-rustic. We sat nearby a large, pine tree and the un-crowded Silverlake Blvd. I bet the 4 outdoor tables will be the primo spots in the summer.

The seasonal, rustic menu has Featured Dishes (main entrees) that come with Setups (sides). The servings are generous so one dish will suffice for one person. I immediately recognized the Fried Tetilla Cheese on the menu. They have that at A.O.C., one of the many great places Chef/owner Gloria Felix has worked at. She's also been at Lucques, Jar, Grace and Blair's, and was trained in authentic pizza making by Peppe Miele of Antica Pizzeria (I recall eating delicious pizza there).

I started with the wild organic mushroom salad with haricot vert and shaved Pecorino. It had a delightful selection of mushrooms: Oyster, Chanterelles, Morels and Portabellas. Next I had the Open-Faced Lasagna with slow roasted pork, braised artichokes and roasted tomatoes. The deep, rich flavors were comforting on a chilly night. I ate half of it for dinner then enjoyed the rest of it the next day for lunch (something I'm doing frequently nowadays).

Dessert was the most exciting part of the meal. We ordered home made ice cream, one of each flavor: Garlic, Nutella, Guinness and Horchata Cream. Beer ice cream is a trend I’m seeing lately at restaurants. Kogi is also serving it in ice cream sandwiches at The Alibi Room. It tasted like vanilla with the bitter after taste of beer, a fun flavor although I preferred the Celebrator I had with dinner. The garlic was my fave. It had a light, garlic flavor that was soothing and refreshing at the same time. I had no garlic breath either. That could have been for the fact that I followed it with delicious Intelligentsia Coffee served in a French press.

We had a superb meal at this cozy, romantic restaurant. I look forward to returning.

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Alli411 Tips
1. No reservations at Reservoir. Avoid the crowds and call ahead. Ask them what time is the least busy time at the restaurant, then arrange to go there when it isn't so packed.
2. Bring something warm to wear, just in case you decide to sit outside. (I keep a wrap in the car at all times for this purpose.)

1700 Silver Lake Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90026
(323) 662-8655

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