Toscanova in Century City

Lunch at Toscanova at Westfield Century City Shopping Center was harmless, yet disappointing. Luckily the company was much better than the food. It was a Thursday afternoon at 12:30 pm. The place was packed with mostly suits, probably from the neighboring offices.

Debbie and I started with the pizza. It was bland, almost flavorless. It looked better than it tasted. I would have preferred the frozen Trader Joe's Pizza Margherita instead (now that's pretty good and economical). A flat, flavorless frittata with a decent green salad on the side was what I ate next. Debbie ordered eggplant marinera. It had an odd, bitter taste to it. The cappuccinos were the best part of the meal.

Toscanova is definitely not fit for foodies. However, it probably won't offend most people either. In that little part of the mall there's Toscanova, Houston's, Rock Sugar and Gulfstream. I haven't been to Gulfstream in ages, but both times I was there I remember fresh fish and tasty meals. More recently I've been to the other three. In terms of food, I prefer Houston's first, Rock Sugar second and Toscanova third. For ambiance, Rock Sugar first (great ambiance for a large restaurant), Houson's second and Toscanova last. Clementine across the street on Ensley is my top choice in that area.

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10250 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(310) 551-0499

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