Bienvenidos! A Spanish Feast

Day one in Madrid and we were welcomed with a feast of some of our favorite Spanish dishes prepared by no other than our dear friend Mercedes, my first Spanish friend from college. Her husband Ingo was working while we caught up.

Mercedes prepared Gazpacho Andaluz the day before. She told us that she dared not prepare it any further in advance for fear of eating it all. Often served in cups, there's usually a pitcher full of Gazpacho in most Spanish refridgerators throughout the summer. It's refreshing on a hot, summer day. (Temps are in the 80s here now).

Spanish Tortilla, a potato omelete, ooh so good!

Two fab Manchego cheeses and a goat.

Gambas a la Parilla, are grilled with plenty of salt, shells and heads still on. The shellfish in Spain is some of the best in the world. The Spanish consider the heads the prized part. I know it sounds gross, sucking the heads from the shell, but once you get over the concept, your can experience gastronomic ecstasy.

Mercedes and Ingo (her husband), like all good Spanish households, have a leg of Jamon Serrano sitting on their kitchen table. Yum! Good friends and good Spanish food. What a perfect afternoon.

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