Breakfafst at NY Bagel Co

I go to New York Bagel Co. on San Vicente in Brentwood (next to Tavern) just about every weekend to pick up an onion bagel with cream cheese. It's my reward after working out. I get it to go and eat it in the car on the way home. It is usually pretty packed on Sunday mornings with families and cyclists.

The bagels are good as are the egg dishes. I started going there on a regular basis after I read the note taped to the tip jar. I'd certainly prefer to support a local business over a national chain.

I love the imposing sculpture of the Empire State Building that hangs from the ceiling. There's also some fun photos of musicians that hang on the walls.

New York Bagel Co. is located in the same mini-mall as FrontRunners. There's an art gallery there too, which accounts for the fun sculpture in the parking lot. The dark gray wall is Tavern (where The Hamburger Hamlet used to reside).

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