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Alas, a couple of my peeps have requested pics of the people at the Emergency Cheese Party. Thanks for asking. I appreciate your input and will start to add this aspect to my posts. It makes me aware that the people are an important component of the event that I typically don't report on. The spotlight is always on the food. As Win said somewhat jokingly, "the people come between us and the food". Not 100% true because I love chatting with people about food. Those that know me will tell you I don't fit the classical, writer stereotype. Au contraire, I'm super friendly and love to chat. Ok, back to the party.

I arrived at the Emergency Cheese Party a few minutes early before everyone arrived, just enough time to snap some portraits of the glorious cheeses. Within minutes Rubi's was packed, standing room only. I hardly took any photos of the people. The two here are token photos.

There were two types of people. Most were amazed at their luck, to be surrounded by an enormous amount of top, artisan cheese. Others thought it was just too much cheese to handle. Win and I (of course) were lovin' it! We went around to each cheese, introduced ourselves and ate a taste of each. If we really liked it we'd have some more. Most people had a few cheeses at one time on their plate. Yet some piled their plates high with cheese, and even one woman balanced three, hefty plates of cheese. I wondered if she was going to eat them there or take them to go (not an option I was aware of). There were also baguette slices, although I preferredto do most of the tasting without having anything to interfere the pure, artisan cheese.

You'd think after a party like this that maybe we'd be sick of cheese. Nope. At our dinner party last night we served a beautiful cheese and salumi platter with one of our favorite cheeses: the Spanish Monte Enebro (from the Tietar Valley in the province of Avila about 50 miles from Madrid), what Win and I consider to be our "honeymoon cheese". I have yet to report on Monte Enebro and our cheese pilgrimage in Spain. Soon...

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SinoSoul said...

haha! loooove it!

ask and we shall receive!

(mom, can I have some cheese?)

Alli411 said...

This one's for you Tony ;)