Reverse Holiday Psychology: Bottega Louie A Respite Downtown

This post is dedicated to Ace L. on Yelp (who incidentally will be starting an art webzine/blog soon). She wanted me to write more (hey I do too). Thanks for the request Ace, this one's for you. (I know, sounds like I'm going to sing a song now.... La, la, la. Nah.

Happy Labor Day and happy September for that matter. I'm in front of my computer this Labor Day, at least for the morning. The best part about being in Los Angeles during the holidays is how easy it is to drive places with NO traffic, at least to the places I'm going. I use reverse psychology on holidays. Instead of going to popular spots (the beach, amusement parks..), I go where most people spend their working days. Downtown Los Angeles, for example.

Bottega Louie on South Grand to be exact. Let me start by saying (well writing) that if I lived in Downtown Los Angeles I'd be at Bottega Louie every day. Love, LOve, LOVE the vibe there. It reminds me of a combination of places, France with all the brass and gilt, which, by the way, really works there with the open setting and super high ceilings. My yoga studio in Paris had a similar vibe, just about everything in Paris is so chic. What Bottega Louie really reminds me of a cafe I used to frequent when I lived in Madrid, at the Circulo de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Center), where Pablo Picasso used to take painting classes. The cafe used to be an elegant club, now any one can have a drink or nosh on tapas; it's a great place for conversations and people watching.

Win and I grabbed a ficelle (a thin version of a baguette), cookies and a drink at Bottega Louie. We ordered it from the Gourmet Market (their name for the prepared food section) instead of the sit down menu, then sat down at a table near the bar. The Imported Ham and Swiss Ficelle had butter, not mayo, just like in France. YUM! That with Boyland Grape Soda (made with pure cane sugar), a Chocolate Chip Cookie and Sugar Cookie really hit the spot. Win liked his Saucison Ficelle (dried sausage). I was so into my eats that I didn't try his.

Bottega Louie was a former Brooks Brothers store, really big, a small giant. All I had was my iPhone so I only took a few snaps. The place is worthy though, of a photo shoot. I couldn't help taking a photo of Airline Chicken Saltimbuca ready for take out. Based on the sandwich and baked goods that I ate, I bet it's way better than airline food, and for that matter many places in Los Angeles. Oh, just one thing that wasn't perfect, the music was blasting. Maybe it was where we were sitting, or just that day. I would have preferred the tunes be cranked down a notch or two.

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Bottega Louie
700 South Grand
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 802-1470

Circulo de Bellas Artes
C/ Alacala 42 (Gran Via & Princesa )
28014 Madrid Spain
(+3491) 360-5400

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Food, she thought. said...

I know BL gets critiqued for having good not amazing food, but I do love those little French-style baguettes...just like on a street corner anywhere in Paris.

Alli411 said...

FST: The ficelles are just divine as are the cookies. Anything to remind me of Paris... Thanks for stopping by.


i agree - being in LA during the holidays is so much easier....wish i had been around to enjoy the open streets!

Alli411 said...

Being in LA during the holidays is one of my favorite times to explore the city. Christmas is a goodie too. No traffic, just like when I was a kid in LA growing up. Thanks Actors for stopping by. Cheers.