A Day at the Beach, Clementine

I love LA for so many reasons, one of them being summer weather in October. For lunch on Wednesday I took off for the beach with Gid and brought us a delicious picnic lunch from the darling restaurant, Clementine. I find myself there often, for lunch, dinner or take out. It is convenient and always tasty. This time I viewed their menu online, faxed in my order, then pulled in the parking lot and had a server deliver my meal curbside. It was easy breezy.

I chose a few items from their new fall menu. What delightful textures the Grilled Shrimp and Calamari Salad had. It had roasted carrots, fennel, garbanzos and cilantro in a cumin vinaigrette, tasting like it came straight from Morocco.

The Autumn Chicken Salad Sandwich had apples, flame grapes, celery, celery root, scallions and watercress oozing out of pecan-raisin bread. The flavorful combo satisfied my sweet tooth, although I seemed to find room for the decadent chocolate chip cookie.

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