Sportello, Boston

I've been craving the Potato Gnocchi I had earlier this month at Sportello, Barbara Lynch's new place in Boston. The gnocchi was just delicious, light and creamy. The half size portion had little porcini mushrooms and peas. It was so good I could have eaten a whole portion. The lunch menus has soups, salads, polenta, pasta, scacciata, and sweets. They allow you to order half portions, a great touch in this economy.

The restaurant consists of a large, white lunch counter that curves about the space, like a snake. The old school counter looks great in the modern space. White, globe light fixtures brighten the restaurant. On the other side of the counters are cases selling homemade pastries, breads, sauces and other delicious looking treats.

I've thought about this place a number of times in the past few weeks and wish I lived closer. I'll definitely return here next time I'm in Boston.

348 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 737-1234

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