Nickel for your thoughts, Nickel Diner

Just minutes after we sit down, a plate of 3 donut holes was delivered to our table. The flavors: strawberry, nutella and BACON, all really delicious, especially the bacon, an absolutely brilliant concoction. It's a similar taste to dipping bacon in maple syrup, one of my favorite breakfast treats. Basically, it's a glazed donut hole with a little bacon on top, nothing overwhelming, just the right amount of flavor.

With dessert taken care of, it was time to move on to lunch. The Big Time Cheddar Sandwich was a hearty grilled cheese with cheddar, tomato and bacon. The onion rings that came with it were crispy and addicting.

On the healthier side, the Stuffed Avocado was a vegetarian delight. A huge portion of quinoa salad came piled on a red cabbage leaf. Upon closer inspection, a perfectly ripe, sliced Haas avocado was hiding under the quinoa. The flavors and textures worked great together: soft, buttery avocado, crisp little quinoa balls, sweet, not-quite-firm corn kernals, soft black beans, diced red peppers, delicate squash, and a burst of fresh cilantro to round it out.

It was a satisfying Sunday lunch at the new, old-fashioned Nickel Diner; worth the trip downtown.

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Nickel Diner
524 South Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 623-8301

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Anonymous said...

Well, thanks a lot, alli411...Now I have to schlep downtown. Too yum to pass up.