Eating in the Zone at Melograno in Hollywood

Before I knew it, my plate was empty. I'd been in the eating zone, what happens when I get lost in great food. It all happened so fast. After the first bite of the baby artichoke salad (cuori di carciofo e ruchetta con parmigiano) I thought "this is OK, maybe a little too much dressing". By the third bite I was admiring the lemon flavor, thinking "mucho dressing actually works". It was good, damn good.

I'd wandered into Melograno on a cold rainy night last month. Dining alone, I sat at the bar in the back of the restaurant where I could see the behind the scenes action: drinks being prepared, waiters bickering with each other. It's also the place to get great service. I was sitting right in front of the action, having a beer and a quick bite on a Tuesday night.

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6541 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 465-6650

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