Gourmet To Go At The Larchmont Larder

What do you get when you cross an unpretentious Swiss chef (the guy who started Wolfgang Puck's catering, whose gigs include star studded Academy Awards and Grammys), and a girl from Bloomfield Hills who misses the friendliness of a small town? You get The Larchmont Larder: a gourmet, neighborly hub and the new go-to spot for homemade foods.

Loved the food I sampled there. My faves were the golden beet salad and seared tuna with curry sauce. The curry sauce was so good, I could have had it as a soup. The drink case has a section with the usual suspects and something I don't see very often: glass bottles of LA's finest tap water, a free drink while you are dining there. Yay, they are environmentally conscious too.

You can grab a bite and eat there or take it home make it look like you slaved over the stove. If you want to learn their secrets, co-owner Katie said they are considering adding cooking classes in their open kitchen. Give her a buzz at (323) 962-9900 and let her know you're interested.

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The Larchmont Larder
626 N. Larchmont Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 962-9900

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