Aftrican Food for Mark Bittman

JL has a crush on Mark Bittman. We had dinner on Saturday night with JL at Genet's on Fairfax, the Ethiopian restaurant that she would take Mark Bittman to, if he were visiting her in Los Angeles.

We arrived famished. The waiter suggested we order quick, before the table of eight ordered, so we would get our food before them. The wait for food can be long, since Genet cooks everything to order. We put in our order and waited, filling our stomachs with African beer.

We were three people sitting at a cozy table for two. When our platter of food arrived it took up most of the table. The food sat on an injera, a thick, sourdough pancake. Twelve different dishes ranging from mild to spicy surrounded the Doro Wat, a spicy mole type sauce with hard boiled eggs and chicken (so soft it fell off of the bone) . Each person was given their own injera. Instead of forks, we tore off a piece of injera and used it to scoop up food, eating bite sized pieces like mini tacos. My favorite bites were the Yebere Siga Tibs (beef sauteed in onions and chiles) combined with salad.

We passed on eating dessert there and and headed over to Yogurt Stop on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood.

Looking back on our evening, I think Mark Bittman would like Meals by Genet. He probably would like the Yogurt Stop too, and JL (of course). For more about JL and her crush on MB go to her blog My Crush on Mark Bittman.

A few tips:

1. Parking is tough, especially on Saturday night. We parked around the corner on the street where you need a residential permit to park. We took the risk and were lucky, no ticket.

2. Resos are recommended, especially on Saturday night. Even though you have resos, you might have to wait for your table.

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Meals by Genet
1053 S Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 938-9304

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