Nothing So So At Comme Ça

Perfection comes along de vez en cuando (from time to time). All the stars must have been in alignment when I went to Comme Ca for lunch with Robin. The food, service and presentation were impeccable. And as it turns out, the photos are pretty decent too. So enjoy the food porn.

Robin's friend had recently been to Comme Ça and gave the drinks rave reviews. I was tempted to order one but passed, having other things to do that day. Robin wasn't passing up an opportunity and ordered a virgin El Diablo with fresh ginger, lime and club soda (sans the tequila). It was great, a real treat!

As it was DineLA Week we decided to order one menu from the DineLA Menu and the quiche off the main menu then split everything. We started with Bruno's Quiche, light and creamy yet filling at the same time. Had we been fashionistas, that dish would have been enough for the two of us to split. Instead we were ladies lunching that day, having a decadent 1 1/2 hour lunch.

We followed with the Roasted Beet Salad. Horseradish cream was drizzled over red and orange beets, some frisée with a goat cheese crotin covered in pistachio nuts was the other half of the dish.

The Scottish Salmon was moist and delicate. Loved the delicate, sweet sauce with roasted fennel and baby tomatoes. The portions were pretty hefty. At this point I was more than full.

How can one go wrong with Brioche Chocolate Pudding? Just a couple bites were enough. Seeing that we were going to leave the dessert, the man sitting next to us asked us for the remnants. We gave him the plate and he and his friend were happy. I wonder if he makes a habit of eating other people's leftover desserts? I've heard of freegans (dumpster divers) but this was different.

Comme Ça
8479 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(323) 782-1178

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