Farmers Market Sunday

On Sunday mornings, Win and I go to a farmers market to get our food for the week. We like to get there bright and early before the crowds. Lately we fancy the Hollywood Farmers' Market on Ivar and Selma Aves.

The produce is so fresh, delish and sometimes out of the ordinary, like the jumbo Daikon radishes above. Just for a perspective, they were over a foot long and more than 4 inches in diameter. Now that's food porn.

We get our fruits and vegetables there, eggs, cheese, bread, fish, flowers, bison... They have just about everything. I love their prepared foods too. Handmade Carmela Ice Cream has a stand there. As does newcomer Chili Addiction. Those are probably my two faves of the moment, both good choices for sitting in front of the television and watching The Oscars tonight.

We spend about an hour there walking the same path each time, seeing our farmers and vendors. It's convenient, not far from home and it is a fun experience I look forward to every week.

Recently I've seen two women making massive purchases there. We've parked next to them in the past two weeks so I've got to know them a bit. Lisette and Carol own Farmer Fresh To You, a little business that delivers fresh goods from the farmers market direct to customers. Basically they do the shopping for you. You can tell them specifically what you want them to buy and order individually or you can order by the person and let them choose a selection.

The cost looks reasonable. Lisette told me that they get wholesale prices which are passed onto the consumer. It looks like a pretty good deal to me.

They deliver to the West Side on Wednesdays. Call (805) 469-7604 or visit their www.farmersfreshtoyou.net for more details.

Alli411 Tips:

1. Park in the lot on Ivar, half a block above Sunset for $5.

2. Go early to avoid the crowds. It gets packed.

3. Remember to be green and bring your own shopping bags.

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