Roll 'Em: Molecular Gastronomy and Ferran Adria

Molecular gastronomy fascinates me. I love that Los Angeles finally has a great restaurant that serves food prepared using this cutting edge technique. Jose Andres of The Bazaar by Jose Andres in the SLS Hotel on La Cienega a protege of El Bulli's Ferran Adria. Last December El Bulli's Ferran Adria gave a talk at Harvard. I was so disappointed I missed it. Luckily, they recorded it. Now you can watch the Ferran Adria video. Enjoy!

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SinoSoul said...

thanks for the heads up alli! gonna watch that later tonite... have you see the Bourdain episode with Mr. Adria? I think it was from season 2?

Alli & Win said...

You are welcome Tony. I loved the Bourdain episode with Adria! Froma on Melrose sells his line. I'm going to get in the kitchen and experiment one of these days.