Saltine Necklace Giveaway

Beautiful foodie jewelery is so much fun to wear. I have a great sterling bracelet made from a dinner fork that my sis-in-law Pam gave me. I adore wearing it! My other piece of foodie jewelery is my Saltine Necklace from Emily Elizabeth Jewelery. It's fun and stylish. The cracker is 1 1/4 inches square, more the true size of a Wheat Thin, than a Saltine. Many people comment on the great shape of the charm and I usually have to point out that it is a cracker.

So peeps, I'm giving away a new brass necklace on Wed 4/22. Here's what you have to do to win it: email me (yum at alli411.com) your recommendation for your favorite restaurant, what you like to eat there, and why it is so good. The hundredth entry will win the necklace. Easy, peasy.

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