So Sweet: Candy Tasting in Madrid at La Casa Mira

La Casa Mira, founded in 1892, makes delicious sweets for everyone to enjoy including Madrid's Royal Family.  Above all they are known for making turron (nugget), a candy created by the Moors, made of almonds, honey, sugar and egg whites.  Sold year round, most Spaniards associate this sweet with Christmas. 

From the street La Casa Mira's window tempts pedestrians with a mulit-tiered, revolving display.

Casa Mira makes two basic types of turron: soft or brittle, and within those, they offer different flavors.  

Turron tastes a lot like a thick, toffee-like cake batter. 

We bought some soft  turron to bring back to the hotel for a turron tasting. 

The first one we taste has an almond flavor. The one in the middle has a toffee flavor and the one on the right (our favorite) is lemony. Win and I decide that we don't need more than a nibble. It's not our cup of tea, so to speak. There are many other sweets we'd rather eat.

La Casa Mira
Carrera de San Jeronimo, 30
429. 6796

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